About Us

Why Sewer Inspection is Critical

Sewer pipes are an essential part of a home or business' successful function. They protect water quality and the public’s health in general everywhere they are in use. Sewer pipes transport sewage from your home or business and take it to wastewater treatment plants. There it is cleaned and delivered back to the environment. Sewer Inspections ensure the functionality and ongoing success of that system.

  • Sewer pipes have a typical life span of 50 years.
  • We see Mortar, Clay, Wood, Tar, PVC & more.
  • Serious damage can go unnoticed for years.

Meet Our Team

Sewer Inspector sets the standard when it comes to outpacing the competition with the latest tools, equipment and technology. When partnering with Sewer Inspector you don't just get a "sewer scope". You get seasoned professionals with training and knowledge passed down from inspectors in the industry full time since 2011. Thousands of inspections have helped mold Sewer Inspector into the reliable go to inspection service you can trust. Count on us to deliver the most relevant information during home or business purchases and sales.

We look forward to working with you!

Sewer Inspections are not always straight forward.

Sewer Inspector is unbiased and professional.

Below are the specialty pieces of equipment that set us apart from others in our field.

We use state of the art equipment to create a complete profile of your sewer in a specialized report.

We are not building or structural inspectors so our focus is always the sewer pipe.

We do not do repairs or maintenance so our reports never include overpriced cost estimates.

We are available 7 days a week with no expensive weekend pricing.

Large Standard 200' Reel

Reach can be key in homes or buildings with sewer pipes on large lots or deep set backs. More and more homes are built with long access roads making side sewers long as well. Our standard reel is 200 feet in length and made to observe large 3" and 4" sewer and drain pipes. We are able to see the entire pipe in a majority of scopes attempted. All inspectors carry two large reels for zero onsite break downs.

Small Specialty 200' Reel

Access can be key in older homes or buildings with limited updates or limited entry points. Our small specialty reel is also 200 feet in length but 1/2 the diameter of the standard reel. This allows for small 2" diameter entries which can stop other less experienced inspectors. We are able to either conduct full inspections or locate exterior access points.

Advanced Sonde Locator

We utilize state of the art locators with every inspection set to an industry preferred 512hz signal for the most reliable locate and depth readings. Our locators and inspection equipment are manufactured by the same company to operate seamlessly and to provide the most detailed, relevant information. This attention to detail helps explain poor performance due to slope issues and uncovers sewer pipe routs under neighboring yards and homes.

Control Module With Keyboard

Understanding the inspection findings can be key. We utilize the control module with qwerty keyboard during every inspection regardless of condition. Identifying specific elements of pipe condition good and bad is what separates and elevates Sewer Inspector above the crowd.

Self Leveling Color Camera Head

Identifying pipe material as well as material defects are key to a well rounded informational sewer inspection. Every reel Sewer Inspector uses contains a color self leveling camera head standard or small. This allows for the industries best overall picture and video recordings.

Utility Cargo Van

Transportation of equipment to and from the job location is key. Keeping equipment safe and in good working order is all part of our professional appearance and top industry performance. After testing many vehicle types and sizes we have discovered the best overall performer to be the small utility cargo van.