About Us

We're Serious About Scopes

Sewer pipes transport waste away from homes and buildings to treatment plants where it is cleaned and delivered back into the environment. Under performing side sewer pipes can have devastating outcomes resulting in thousands of dollars paid out for sewer replacement costs, home remodel costs and personal property damage after sewage back-ups. Often these events are "out of the blue" with no significant warning signs to predict a sewer failure.

  • Side sewers vary widely by age, materials and condition.
  • Building age does not guarantee sewer pipe condition.
  • Problems go unnoticed for long periods before back-ups.

Our Mission

Sewer Inspector sets the standard when it comes to outpacing the competition with the latest tools, equipment and technology. When partnering with Sewer Inspector you don't just get a "sewer scope". You get seasoned professionals with training and knowledge passed down from inspectors in the industry full time since 2011. Thousands of inspections have helped mold Sewer Inspector into the reliable go to inspection service you can trust. Count on us to deliver the most relevant information during home or business purchases and sales.

We look forward to exceeding your expectations!

At Sewer Inspector we make the inspection process easy.

We are unbiased and always professional.

We use state of the art equipment to create a specialized report.

We are not home inspectors so our focus is always the sewer pipe.

We do not do repairs so our reports never include overpriced cost estimates.

We are available 7 days a week with no high weekend pricing.

Below is our industry leading Sewer Inspection process.

Technician Introduction With Q And A

Our fully trained inspectors show up on-time in a clearly identifiable van. They introduce themselves, provide a clear explanation of the inspection process and answer any questions the client may have.

Determine Proper Access Location

After a thorough walk through inside and out the inspector will determine the most ideal entry point or entry points to gather the the greatest amount of information possible.

Conduct A Thorough Sewer Inspection

Our inspectors utilize state of the art cctv camera systems. All of our equipment is manufactured by the same company to operate seamlessly and provide the most accurate report information.

Identify Key Condition Items And Components

Our inspectors are trained to identify specific types of pipe materials dating back 100 years as well as elements of pipe condition good and bad during the sewer inspection. All of the information detailed in the video is used to create the final report.

Provide Industry Best Video/Pictures & Report

Sewer Inspector provides a secure one of a kind portal for inspection clients to access 24hr a day. The portal provides both HTML and PDF versions of the report, a direct and private video link to view and share with others such as (co-owners, contractors, buyers or real estate agents) as well as easy to view JPG inspection pictures.