Washington’s local, loyal & professional service for 10 years running.

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At Sewer Inspector the motto "We See More" is more than just a saying. Since 2011 we have lead the way in advancing inspection techniques, with the info we gather and the equipment we use to inspect. We do not do repairs, sewer inspections only! Many rooter/repair companies can offer low price sewer scopes as a tool to gain drain and side sewer access, then create enormous bids for unnecessary work. We avoid these repair conflicts plumbers and sewer contractors have. We do not do whole home or multi-system inspections, sewer inspections only! Our experts’ focus are the sewer and/or drainpipes. Many home inspection companies offer low price in-house sewer scopes as an add-on or ancillary inspection. These scope report paragraphs tend to be buried in the middle of a large report with no emphasis on crucial sewer pipe information. We provide videos, pictures and thorough reports with a large amount of supporting information. This is why "WE See More".

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Sewer Inspector is a service industry leader specializing in sewer and drain scopes at convenient appointment times, never appointment windows. Our prices are always transparent and easy to understand. You can count on Sewer Inspector to set the industry standard when it comes to observing, compiling and presenting inspection findings. Findings are presented digitally in an easy to understand system. Just as we love to provide the best service possible, we love to reward other outstanding service professionals. Essential workers such as military service members, emergency services personnel and educators regardless of present enrollment will always receive a 15 dollar discount as a thank you for past or present service.

  • $225*

    Sewer Inspection

    *up to 200ft
  • $175*

    Pinpoint Location

    *Included w/ inspection
  • $175

    Additional Dwellings

  • $175


  • 6.5%

    Loyalty Discount

Sewer Inspector is Washington's local, loyal & professional service for 10 years running.

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Our Mission

Sewer Inspector sets the standard when it comes to outpacing the competition with the latest tools, equipment and technology. When partnering with Sewer Inspector you don't just get a "sewer scope". You get seasoned professionals with training and knowledge passed down from inspectors in the industry full time since 2011. Thousands of inspections have helped mold Sewer Inspector into the reliable go to inspection service you can trust. Count on us to deliver the most relevant information during home or business purchases and sales.

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I was in the process of buying a house with an ADU and needed to verify what repairs had already been made on the main sewer line. Mike scoped the main sewer as well as a side sewer coming from the ADU. He did a great job, took a well-captioned video of each, and was very knowledgeable and professional. I'm keeping his number for the next job. I will happily recommend him to others.
R.M. Wilburn


Sewer Inspector is awesome. They sent appointment reminders and showed up on time completely prepared. The technician immediately got to work looking for access points, identifying areas of interest and explaining all aspects of my sewage system to me. By the time he was complete, he put my concerns about the property to rest and explained how my system worked and what I could do to improve it. I had a full analysis and written inspection within a matter of hours. They will do all my homes now!
Antonio Crawford


I have had both Mike and Kyle inspect multiple properties for myself and clients. They are on time, knowledgeable and honest. Unlike many other companies, they do NOT conduct repair work. You get an honest assessment of what is going on, video, photos and a report. You can then take those items and find a contractor to do any necessary work. I have used another company to do sewer scope work in the past and they would upsell expensive repairs or replacements as addons. What you get here is a honest assessment of what's going on!
Spencer Gray


I would love to give Sewer Inspector 10 stars! Mike came out over the weekend to inspect our side-sewer after a sink-hole opened up in the middle of the street we live on. The city (Seattle) decided that the sink-hole was due to a problem in our side sewer where it entered the main line under the street and told us we were responsible unless we could prove otherwise. Mike did an extremely thorough inspection and his video showed that our side-sewer is not the source of the problem which has saved us tens of thousands of dollars!
Maggie Elkon